Life is so unpredictable! Just when you feel like you’ve crossed one barrier, it puts another one in your way!

We had shifted to a new city just a few months ago. When I had finally started feeling like everything was slowly falling into place, life decided to take my pet dog away from me,forever!

What’s more unfortunate is that I couldn’t stand by him and support him when he was in pain and he needed me!

When I left home that day, he was sleeping  peacefully in his basket so I decided not to wake him up and say bye. However, Now when I think about it , I wish, I just wish!I could’ve woken him up and petted him for one last time.

Who even knew, that it was the last chance I had to tell him how special he was to me and how much I loved him. I regret the fact that I didn’t wake him up that day and have him look at me with those dozy eyes and the “what’s your problem? Let me sleep!” Expression.

When we had brought him home 12 years ago, he was almost as small as a hamster. At first, I was sort of scared of him and maintained some distance from him; but, before I knew it, he became a very important part of my life! From watching him run around the house with a bell around his neck, peeing all around , scratching me for food, continuously chewing his pillow, to sleeping all day I have see him do it all! We have literally grown up together! Since I didn’t have a sibling, it was only because of him that I learnt to share my parents with someone else.Even though he couldn’t understand or respond to what I said, I would fight with my mom saying that she loved him more than she loved me(typical sibling fights). I also felt that he loved my mom more than he loved me and that made me feel quite jealous at times but it didn’t affect my love for him in any way!Basically, he was more like my brother and less like my pet dog

He was the first dog in my extended family too.  At first we weren’t sure whether everyone would be able to  accept him as a part of the family but, at the end of twelve years I can proudly say that he had become the most important part of the whole family! Every time my uncles or aunts called, their first question would be “How is Chicku? I miss him so much!”.  Most of them were pretty scared and hesitant to even touch him when they first saw him but, over the years they had all become amazingly comfortable with him! They would talk to him, take pictures with him, give him food and what not! At the end of 12 years they all have a great bond with him and tons of memories too!

Not just that, many of my very close friends had first talked to me only because they loved dogs and they knew that I had one at home. I also have some friends who were terrified of dogs until they met Chicku. They give him the credit for helping them get over their fear for dogs!

Over the years, our whole life had started revolving around him and his routine. His health and his food and walk timings had become more important than anything else. Every major or minor decision was taken only after taking him into strong consideration and the tons and tons of memories and experiences that I have with him cannot be put down into just one essay!

The biggest thing that I’ve learnt over the years is that, no human can give unconditional love like any animal does.

Growing up with him, watching him grow, giving him love and taking loads of love from him was the best and most memorable experience of my life and I’ll cherish forever!

We love you, Chicku and we miss you! We’re glad you came into our lives and we got to spend 12 whole years with you!

I know that you’re watching us from up there!




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