Embracing Change (Part 2)


It is often believed that things change, often for the better. I didn’t find this belief very convincing about two years ago. But now, I feel that change isn’t a bad thing at all, because in the end everything is great!

Two years ago, I had to shift schools. I had to start going to a school that I very passionately hated. The first few months in the new school were very horrible. I would try really hard to find good excuses to bunk school, as often as possible.
I would also keep asking my old friends about what was going on in my old school and many are times I would sit and think about how I would’ve been happier staying back in my old school.

My new friends (who were then just acquaintances) wondered if I had serious psychological issues. I used to be unnaturally quiet, lost, uninterested, in short- depressed. I would come back from school and cry almost every day.

But before I new it, the things that I believed were “absolutely impossible” had started to happen. I had started to go to school more regularly than before, the crowded hallways, non A/C buses and the ever-so-busy canteen did not feel as suffocating as it used to before. In fact, all of that had become absolutely insignificant!

My classmates or acquaintances who thought that I was depressed had eventually started to see a more funny, optimistic and expressive side of me, they had started to become my friends, very close friends.
I had started to accept my new school as it was and also adapt to its environment.

Today, at the end of two years, I have graduated from my new school that I can now call my own! I can also say that I don’t regret anything that has happened in the last two years. I’ve made new friends, I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve slogged, I’ve done it all and each and every bit of it has been totally worth it!

In about a months time, I start college and I’m in the same situation that I was in 2 years ago- there’s the same uncertainty, apprehension, sadness, anxiety etc.
This time I’m not just shifting to another school. I’m shifting to another city.
It’s not going to be easy, I’ll have to leave behind my home, the tons of friends I’ve made over the years and in short everything that I’ve accepted as “my own”.

But this time I’m ready for it, again!

Because, you’ll have to leave some good things behind to get better ones!
So embracing the change that comes your way is the key to your happiness!


6 thoughts on “Embracing Change (Part 2)

  1. Lovely post! All of us have the anxious feeling before we enter some new place. Our way of taking the change in is what matters the most. You have brought this out very expressively!


  2. Dear Shivanee, It is said Change is the only constant thing in life. Everyone always has only 2 options in any situation; accept the change or Change what you cannot accept. I am glad you have understood that the only person you can change is yourself!!!


  3. Wow. Good one Shivanee. A very positive write up. I remember this beautiful line i heard somewhere – I evolve, I flourish… I resist, I perish..


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