A Poem About Feet


First and foremost, welcome back to our blog! Shivanee and I had taken a hiatus of around 5 months because of exams and other super fun things like that, but we’re back, and it feels great to be back! Secondly, I urge you not to dig too deep for metaphors or allegories in the poem below as this, for some reason, is what my mind decided to spew out at 1 AM in the morning. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it!


So what if your feet are not perfectly pedicured?

So what if you have a chipped nail?

So what if you’ve cracks that resemble crevices,

Like a range of mountains and valleys at play?


The marks on your soles are a testament

To the journeys you have forayed,

Your slightly-chipped-off nail polish

Shows you’ve had more interesting days.


You’re feet aren’t gross or disgusting,

So let them see the light of the day.

Don’t wrap them up in layers of fabric

And say they’re too ugly to come out to play.


You have two feet and that makes you human,

They’re pretty darn important, I’d say,

They are also beautiful and hardworking,

So give them a rest today!


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