This or that?

Sometimes in life, you reach a point when you have just two options and you need to choose just one of it but, it’s a hard choice because, the first option is the one that assures your happiness in the present but insecurity, sadness, regret and depression in the future. On the other hand, the second option, is the one that will cause immense pain and mental hardships in the present but, will assure happiness and security in the future. Everyone faces such challenges in life. Im sure you’ve faced them and so have I.

So, what would you do in such a situation ?

When I think about it, the instant answer that I get from myself is that I should go with option one because it assures me that I’ll be happy NOW- at this very moment and even my heart is inclined towards option one.
However, when I give it a little more thought, I realise that happiness in the present would be just temporary because in the end of each day, I would still be uncertain about what tomorrow would be like And trust me, that uncertainty kills me from within.
When I ask myself the same question again, I realise that I should go with option two because it secures my future. It sure will hurt, but every time it hurts, I can tell myself that I’m sacrificing today’s happiness for a more secure and happy future.

Sometimes it is necessary to stop your heart from getting carried away towards things that your brain dosen’t think are right.
We are often told, that we must always “follow our heart” but honestly I feel that sometimes it is necessary to put your heart aside, and follow your brain! 



One thought on “This or that?

  1. You’re so right. I think it’s important to consider BOTH your heart AND your brain. In the end, whichever choice you take, there are going to be bad repercussions and good outcomes. Sometimes choices can be really difficult, but I always think to myself that neither one is life or death situation and even if you end up in a mess, there are always ways out ❤

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