Fear and Comfort Zone


It is freezing outside. I lie in the cosy warmth of my blanket, hesitant to leave it and get started with my day…

I can be a procrastinator, frequently putting off important tasks to later, and then a little later… and so on. I have come to realise that it’s not really because I am lazy, but because I, like everyone else, am afraid.

I am afraid to start doing something I am passionate about; anything that will lead me closer to my goal- primarily due to fear. Fear of failure, fear of what people might think, fear of change and fear of committing. I have also come to realise that I am not alone in this struggle. In fact, the main reason people do not achieve their dreams is not failure, but the fear of it.

It is easy to stay in the comfort zone. Staying in the warmth of my blanket is much easier than getting up, and getting work done. Similarly, it is easy to stay in a state of limbo, never starting anything or finishing anything because of the fear of faltering. However, unless the caterpillar struggles to break out of the cocoon, it will never be a butterfly. Similarly, unless we challenge our comfort zone, we will never be able to grow, and live our dream life.

So this article is a push for me, and to anyone else who might need it. Being fearless does not mean not having any fear, but doing things nevertheless despite the fear. Life does not wait; and to realise the lofty dreams we have in our head we need to start working towards it. RIGHT NOW. No more procrastinating. No more hiding under the safe haven of the warm blanket.



6 thoughts on “Fear and Comfort Zone

  1. A lot of people like me can relate to this post so much. It is always easy to stay where you are, but once you break through the shackles of fear, you realise that it’s much better out there.
    Nice post! Many could do with the inspiration you gave.


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