Recently, I realised that a person could behave differently around different people and have different versions of himself or various aspects to his personality.

After giving it some thought, I realised that I too have different aspects to my personality and I choose how I want to behave around which person.

It is completely normal to behave more formally around your elders, Teachers and superiors because that is what is expected of you at that time.

The problem arises around your peers. Especially at my age, people are very judgmental and one is expected to behave like everyone else in the group does because, having that typical behaviour is what makes you seem “cool” in your peer group.

Nowadays, people tend to go to any extent to achieve that “cool” status from their peers. Most of the times they end up doing something that they don’t want to or something that just isn’t them only because Peer pressure gets the better of them.

Over the years, I’ve learnt that being like everyone else and doing what everyone does just to be accepted by your peers isn’t necessary at all. If you’re forced to become someone who you aren’t around a particular peer group, they aren’t the right friends or peers for you. Real friends or good peers are those who accept you for who you originally are; encourage you to do what you love and don’t stop you from being different.

Always remember that doing something that not everyone does is what makes you unique and unique is absolutely beautiful so, go out there and show your real self to the world.






4 thoughts on “BE YOU!

  1. Hey! This is such a good post, all of this really needed to be said. I know so many people who act so differently in front of me compared to what they are like with others but EVERYONE just needs to be them!


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