15 Favourite Feelings


Few weeks back, I stumbled upon this video by a youtuber charlieissocoollike, and also watched a video by Hank Green where they talked about their favourite feelings. I liked the concept quite a lot, and was inspired by it to list in no particular order, 15 of my favourite feelings. This post is addressed to me, and hence, the ‘you’s in this post refers to me… just letting you know to avoid possible future confusion. Anyways, I hope you enjoy reading my list of 15 Favourite feelings.

  1. Biting into a mouthful of delicious food (preferably something chocolate related) after spending a long time hungry.
  2. Going to bed after a tiring day without having to set an alarm, or worry about when you have to wake up the next day.
  3. When you are almost about to embark on a new experience of something you are nervous as well as excited about- like travelling to someplace you’ve never been before, dancing on stage for the first time…. and then it turns out to be an amazing and rewarding experience.
  4. When you are able to have a deep conversation with someone, about the meaning of life, and can suddenly switch to something stupid, like a knock-knock joke, and switch back with ease; no awkwardness involved.
  5. When loud music is blasting, and you dance like no one is watching, without a care in the world.
  6. Being around someone you are 100 percent comfortable with, and can be completely honest and genuinely you around- no pretention involved.
  7. Discovering a new band/artist/TV series/book/movie/youtuber that is amazing, so that you can discover and consume all of their creations and drown yourself in yet another fandom.
  8. When you hear/realize that you have helped someone do something, accomplish something, or have brought about some positive change in their life- even if it’s something small and insignificant.
  9. Meeting someone who is obsessed with the same band/book/ TV show as you, so that you can have hours of passionate conversations about it. Also, introducing someone to a band/book/movie, and them loving it and becoming as obsessed with it as you.
  10. When something incredible happens to someone you care a lot about. When someone you love achieves something great in their life, it feels pretty great.
  11. When you are cleaning your cupboard or rummaging through your things, and you stumble upon an old cassette tape or tickets to a show you went years ago- and it brings back wonderful memories.
  12. Reaching that stage in a friendship when both of you can sit next to each other and just be silent, without it being awkward.
  13. When you figure out the plot, or key missing element of a book, movie, TV show a few pages or moments before the protagonist himself does- and suddenly everything makes sense.
  14. Meeting friends and family after a long time, and realizing just how much you’ve missed them, and how happy you are to finally be with them again.
  15. Staring outside the window in a car, bus, train, plane, being able to think of absolutely nothing at all.

So, these are some of my favourite feelings. What are yours?


You can watch the videos I was inspired by here:

Hank Green Charlieissocoollike


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