Review of- Wild EP by Troye Sivan


The review for this EP might be a little late considering the fact that it came out around three weeks ago, but better late than never, you know. Australian youtuber and actor, Troye Sivan can confidently add the title singer to his bio with WILD, which is, in my opinion among the best that pop music has to offer at the moment.

WILD is Troye’s second EP (i.e., a mini-album), the first being TRXYE and it has certainly blown my expectations. Self- described by Troye as ‘dark, alternative pop’, it is an amalgamation of catchy choruses, addictive beats, heartfelt lyrics and electronic music elements.

Wild cover art

The EP opens with the title track WILD, with a chorus of children’s voices opening the song, screaming the album name. The second song, EASE is my personal favourite, and is collaboration with New Zealand music duo, Broods. It has a warm feel reverberating through it, perfectly capturing what ‘home’ feels like for someone who is homesick.

BITE is the third track, with eerie, gospel like vocals along with a dubstep influenced beat. As said by Troye, it captures the feeling he experienced the first time he went to a gay club. DKLA, featuring rapper Tkay Maidza has chill step and R&B influences, with a pretty catchy rap verse and chorus. However, this song does not stand out among the other songs in this album for me.

THE QUIET is a poetic song which is lyrically very pleasing to the critical appreciator in me. Troye sings in this song ‘say anything; anything hurts less than the quiet’. The EP closes with FOOLS, a close second favourite for me, that starts slow, but then jumps to an irresistible beat that makes me involuntary head bob.

Troye Sivan
Troye Sivan

Now we cannot talk about WILD EP without mentioning the Blue Neighbourhood trilogy– three music videos to three tracks on WILD that form a continuous story, two of which have been released so far. I think it is amazing what Troye, who identifies as gay, is doing with the trilogy. Not only are the videos portraying homosexual relationships authentically, they also showcase some of the issues members of the community face.  Troye is, knowingly or unknowingly, bringing about the winds of change by breaking existing stereotypes in pop culture, and is also becoming a role model to young LGBT persons, by being comfortable with his sexuality, and being unafraid to show it to the rest of the world.

I would like to end this review by saying that WILD is an exceptionally good EP in the pop genre, and it transcends just being a group of songs performed by an artist, to giving voice to a community that really needs it.

Watch part 1 of the Blue Neighbourhood trilogy, and watch part 2 here.


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