1. UKDICHE MODAK: Modak according to me is the sweet version of momos! They are dumplings that are made with rice-flour and contain a delicious coconut and jaggery filling and are steamed.They are topped off with some clarified butter (ghee). These dumplings have a unique shape. They are round at the bottom and pointed at the top. Making these is a truly skilful job. I’ve tried making them quite a few times but I haven’t been successful as yet. All I do is eat them.

Trust me! As you take the first bite, you’ll feel the the softness of the cover and the sweetness of the filling blending in your mouth with the help of the ghee.


  1. PURAN POLI: Puran Poli is a sweet chapatti that contains a filling made of Dal and jaggery. It is eaten with some clarified butter (ghee) and some milk. Puran Poli is generally made on the occasion of holi. It is a very famous Maharashtrian delicacy and almost every Maharashtrian lady knows how to make it.

If you haven’t tried this awesome dish as yet, you seriously should because the Puran Poli is both delicious and healthy because it contains all the necessary nutrients that one needs in the form of wheat, dal, milk, ghee etc.


  1. SOL KADHI: Sol kadhi is a drink with both, rich color and rich flavour. This delicacy originates from the Konkan region of Maharashtra and is usually served cold.It is a coconut milk based drink which is flavored with garlic, chilies and Kokam extract. It gives the sol kadhi a tinge of tanginess and also its very soulful shade of pink. “Soul curry” is what I prefer calling this very soothing drink.


  1. ZUNKA -BHAKAR– Zunka- bhakar is the staple food of the rural population of Maharashtra. The zunka is a dry side dish made with gram flour (besan). It is flavored with garlic, Chilies, curry leaves and coriander. The spices give the zunka and very strong and spicy flavor. The Bhakar is a type of bread or roti that is made with either Jowar or Bajra. It is roasted on something similar to the tandoor and that is where it gets its rustic flavor from. This dish is usually served with some curd and onion. These two elements help balance the spice in the dish. Some people also prefer eating this dish with the super-spicy thecha which is a green chili chutney. If you want to taste the food of the grass-root population of Maharashtra. This dish is a must try!


  1. VADA- PAV: This is a world famous Maharashtrian dish. This dish has two elements- The vada and the Pav. The vada is a cutlet made with a potato filling that’s flavored with garlic, ginger and chilies. This filling is dipped into a besan batter and then deep fried. The pav is bread that’s eaten with the vada. As the name suggests, the vada and the pav are eaten together. The pav is split into half and the vada and some garlic chutney are put inside it. The city of Mumbai lives on the Vada Pav.

According to me, the Vada Pav is the Indian version of the burger. It also tops my personal favorite list. The very aroma of the vada is what makes it irresistible!





  1. Would love to indulge in any or all these dishes! Most of them require a fair amount of skill to prepare. Now all I need is a kind maharashtrian Lady to invite me over! Or her daughter !!


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