5 easy Harry Potter D-I-Ys for every Potterhead


Just incase you didn’t realise yet, I’m a massive potterhead. Harry Potter is turning 35 today, and it is the queen of our fandom, J K Rowling’s birthday today. Therefore, it is on this occasion that I have handpicked some of my favourite Harry Potter Do It Yourselfs from the internet that will surely make this day more magical for all!

1. Turn Ollivander green with envy with  this simple-to-make DIY Wand.

2. These edible Golden Snitches will keep everyone ‘seeking’ for more!

3. Need a shot of luck? Try making this felix felicis potion bottle, which can be turned into a charm necklace by attaching a loop to the cork and running a chain through it.

Felix Felicis

4. Recreate the marvellous Butterbeer from the Harry Potter world with this Butterbeer latte recipe.

5. Create these amazing miniature book charms that can be  worn as a keychain, bracelet and necklace.

HP book charm

All the images used in this article are linked to its source. Featured image is an image licensed for reuse from flickr.com.


Thankyou for reading this article. I would love to hear feedback!


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