It has been almost 13 years since I have known her. I still remember when I had first met her, I was sitting on the swing and my mom was pushing me. She was sitting on the swing next to mine and unlike me; she was swinging on her own.

After a while of swinging, She asked my mom, “Aunty, can’t she swing on her own?” My mom was pretty surprised, and she laughed and replied “ No, not yet.”

She was the first friend. One who I had made by myself and that was the beginning of our friendship and honestly, it hadn’t started on a very good note. But as time went by, we started playing together almost every evening and that’s when our 13-year long bond started building.

When we first became friends, I was just 5 years old- too small to understand the intricacies of this friendship. But, when I look back now, I realize that she was the complete opposite of me. She was self-confident, independent, adventurous and straightforward. I was low on self-confidence; highly dependent on others, really scared of trying to do new things and scared to tell people what I feel.

When I look back now, I realize that she was the kind of friend I needed. Her friendship gave me two other very precious friends .She and my other childhood friends were the first people who made me feel good about myself and helped me believe in my abilities and capabilities; and trust me, they continue to do so till this very day.

The four of us had literally grown up together. We have cried, laughed, fought, done the most stupid things together! We have always been there for each other and share almost everything with each other. We had lived in the same community for about 7 years but later, two of us had to shift to other places.

The fact that we don’t talk or meet everyday doesn’t matter because we know that we hold special places in each other’s hearts and every time we meet, we always catch up from where we left and there is no void whatsoever.

I think childhood friends are the people who teach you how friends are to be made and how friendships are to be handled. They are the people who create the first image of a “friend” in your mind.

Also, I think that childhood friends are really special because at that stage of life, you make friends without judging people and without any terms or conditions. It is also scientifically proven that childhood friendships tend to last for a lifetime.

This write-up is a tribute to all my childhood friends! I hope this reminded you of your childhood buddies!

– Shivanee



  1. Thank you Shivanee! Your thoughts on making friends… without judging them and without any terms and conditions is insightful learning for all of us….however old….on how to make new friends and a friendship meaningful!


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