She was just mopping the corridor like she did every single day. As I walked from my class to the washroom, I noticed her.

She was pale, weak, demotivated and over-worked. It was not the first time I had seen her. She cleaned the corridor everyday in the same mechanic manner.I asked myself why I had noticed her only that day.

Meanwhile, I saw this kid, he was happily walking on the part of the corridor that she had just finished mopping. She was irritated and said something to the kid in a regional language. I couldn’t understand but I was pretty sure that she said something like “hey I had just cleaned that!”

I felt bad for her! I wondered how many times she would have had to clean one patch of the same corridor.I also realized that her life was way harder than mine was and that it was time for me to stop cribbing about my life because her life was more problematic than mine.

This had hit me really hard! As I thought about it, I realized that maybe she had a family too and maybe she was the bread- winner of the family and so she was ready to bear with any kind of insult only and only for the small amount of money that she got at the end of each hard and long day.

Before I knew it, I was standing in front of her with a Thank you card and a few chocolates. I said thanks to her and apologized to her on behalf of everyone who had walked on that wet patch of the corridor. I really felt she deserved it, Much more of it.

I thought she deserved respect, appreciation and affection too. After all, she was human too. She had unknowingly made me realize that I had a very comfortable life and actually didn’t have the right to crib about anything because I hadn’t realized what the meaning of ‘hardships’ really was .



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