Petrichor- Monsoon Playlist


Monsoon is the pitter-patter of raindrops on the green leaves, and the scent of wet mud in the breeze. It is the gushing sound of precipitation falling from the grey sky, quenching the thirst of the dry sun-baked summer soil. It is the loud bellowing of the thunder clouds and flashes of lightning that form over the darkness, a brief shroud.

Yes, monsoon is beautiful. Here are some of the songs I have been listening to a lot lately, and I feel they reflect what monsoon means to me. ‘Petrichor’ is the scent of the rain on dry soil, which is why I thought it would be an apt name to my monsoon playlist. Happy listening 🙂

(You can listen to my summer playlist here.)

1. The Rain- Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder is a music duo consisting of two singer songwriters, Anthony and Josephine. Their soothing vocals harmonize beautifully in this breezy, calm ballad style song,

2. If I Rise- Dido & A.R Rahman

This song, from the movie 127 hours has a magical and ethereal feel to it. It is a sublime blend of musical influences with an almost trance-like feel to it.

3. Buzzcut Season- Lorde

Lorde is my favourite singer in pop right now. This song is soft, having a nostalgic feel to it, accompanied by Lorde’s characteristic choir background vocals, although it is less than in her other songs.

4. Bleeding Out- Imagine Dragons

This indie-rock song is a song I can listen to however I am feeling- happy, sad, angry. Its my go-to song right now. Truly breath-taking quality of music!

5. I see fire- Ed Sheeran

This song from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is simple and minamilistic for the most part, but filled with the talent of Mr. Edward Sheeran. It has a folksy vibe to it, perfect for the movie Hobbit, perfectly capturing the sentiment of the movie.

6. Now- Paramore

Paramore has quickly become on of my favourite bands. The song Now has a beautiful video, and also has beautiful meaning in its lyrics. It brings a powerful message against war, and shows love triumphs hate and violence in the end.

7. Eleanor Rigby- Beatles 

Well, the Beatles need no introduction.. and so I will give none. Do have a listen 🙂

8. Gold- Imagine Dragons

Yes, two Imagine Dragon songs in this playlist! I’m pretty obsessed with them. This song is great for pumping up anyone’s mood… and putting you to an automatic headbanging mode.

9. Superhero- Script

This is a beautiful and emotional song from a band that I always admire for its quality music, both in how the music sounds and the beautiful meaning  in the lyrics of all its songs.

10. Last Hope- Paramore

This song begins with synths and guitar strums, but soon the drum kicks in and the song gets more upbeat. In this song Halley Williams sings that her dreams and hopes, and the fact that there is no fresh pain coming into her life are what keeps her going. She sings ‘It’s just a spark, but its enough to keep me going’ .


Thank you for listening. Let me know some of your favourite songs. Would love to hear your feedback 🙂


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