10 Really Beautiful English Words


It might sound weird to you, but quite often I fall in love with words and their meanings. There are thousands of words in the English language, of which I only know a few… and out of them, I tried narrowing down ten words that I love the most. I had to make some really tough decisions and could not add in many words that I wanted to, which is why I’m probably going to make a part 2(and maybe a part 3, 4, 5…) of this soon (because, obviously it isn’t fair to the words that I left out). Also, one of the words in this list isn’t actually English, but it is too damn beautiful to leave out of the list. So here it is… my list of 10 really beautiful English words:



2. Sonder

3. This is the word that isn’t English. It’s Portuguese.Saudade
















All images are public domain images from pixabay or pexels. Writing on the pictures is from picfont.


If I missed out your favourite word, please do leave it in the comments below.  I hope you liked this post. Thank you for taking reading it.


3 thoughts on “10 Really Beautiful English Words

  1. I love these words, I really do! I’ve used halycon as part of a title – Halcyon Days- that describes the carefree lives of youths before they grow up and separate. It’s a beautiful word, filled with a beautiful meaning!

    I know most of these words but petrichor, sonder, and saudade and onism are words I’ve never heard but now they’ve become favorites, especially with their meanings. I’m going to have to incorporate those words into my stories somehow. I’m so glad I came upon your blog and I really, really, really want to know what the rest of your favorite words are!

    When I was in a creative writing course in high school, the first lesson our teacher gave us was to write what our favorite word is and explain way. I chose serendipity, which means making discoveries by a happy accident or luck. I don’t know why I chose that word, maybe I just liked how it sounded when I said it, plus it’s a nice meaning.

    Also, I’m wondering how you come across your favorite words? When I was a kid, I used to take the dictionary and write my favorite words out of it- I had pages and pages up to the letter d before I stopped but it was a fun time. There are so many words that no one really uses anymore which seems like a shame!

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment 🙂
      These are just some of my favourite words, and I’ve heard about each of them from a different source. The word ‘onism’ I remember, I heard from a website called ‘a dictionary of obscure sorrows’. It’s a website dedicated to coining words for which there isn’t a word yet in English. So, its not technically a word yet, butI’m not a purist, and believe that the beauty of language is that it always has the ability to grow and incorporate new words.
      Serendipity is such a beautiful word and I will add it to a part 2 of this post… and I will make one very soon! So, just wait for a short while and you can discover some more of my favourite words! 🙂
      Glad to meet someone as in love with words as me. 😉


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