As I sat in the hospital, waiting for my turn to visit the doctor, I saw on my left, a young couple. They were waiting to meet the gynecologist. The woman seemed very scared and worried and her husband was trying to comfort her. After a while, it was their turn and they went inside.

Meanwhile, I saw another man. He was in a hurry and ran into one of the rooms in the corridor. He had a bag full of medicines in his hands. He looked very tensed too.

After about 10 minutes, the young couple who had gone to visit the gynecologist were walking towards the exit. They seemed very happy and content. I guessed they were going to have a baby! A new life was going to be born into the world! I found that very fascinating and exciting!

On the other hand, I saw the man who ran into one of the rooms in the corridor. He was crying with his head on the wall. When I asked one of the nurses why he was crying so much, She told me that he had lost his father who had been paralysed for 5 years.

Was he crying because he had lost his father, who was his only support? Or because, he was happy that his father’s sufferings had come to an end? I asked myself.

I thought this was very paradoxical- on one hand, there was a new life that was going to enter the world and on the other hand, A man who had lived in this world for so many years had left the world behind and was on his way to heaven.

I realized that a hospital is one place that amalgamates life and death.It is a place where a million babies are born and a million people die on a given day.I realised that I must live my life to the fullest because life and death are two precious things that I can’t control.



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