Mumbai, as people call it is truly a city that never sleeps and I learnt that really well when I went there for a vacation this year. It’s not the first time I went to Mumbai, I go there almost every year. In fact, I was born there and it’s my hometown.

During my stay there, I realized that my life is much easier than that of the people in Mumbai. Almost every Mumbaikar has to travel by the local train on almost a daily basis and trust me, that’s quite a task because the trains are always crowded with millions of people who are in a hurry to get somewhere or the other! The humid weather of the city just adds more trouble and difficulty to a Mumbaikar’s life.

However, train journeys can be nice too, as you can make friends with different people and also shop for small stuff like earrings, bindi’s , combs and what not! Also, the local train system is the most convenient medium of transport in the city!

During my holiday at the city, even I managed to travel by the train a few times. I realised that just one train journey can teach you so much.

Firstly, a train journey in Mumbai can teach you how precious time is, because even if you are a few seconds late, the train is gone and you have to wait for another one to come. It teaches you that time waits for no one. I also learnt that I have to keep track of time, time will not keep track of me.

Secondly, boarding a crowded train can be quite hard but again, It teaches you that everyone in the world is self centred and no one really cares about you. Therefore, you must make way for yourself and go where you want to, because no one will be kind enough to move aside and let you go.

Thirdly, Even if you successfully get on the train, you might not get a seat and may have to stand throughout your journey and balance yourself. This taught me that barriers are a part of life and that falling once or twice must not stop you from getting up again and chasing your dream. In fact, I feel that falling down gives you the strength to get up again and run because, you ask yourself “ Why did I fall? Am I so weak?” In short, you learn to challenge yourself.

Lastly, Even getting off at your destination station can be hard. There will be people trying to get ahead of you and that can be frustrating. This taught me that even if there are people competing with you; you shouldn’t care about them. You must only compete with yourself. This is all about you. Others don’t matter. At the end of the day, if you are determined to get to your destination; you will get there no matter what.

I realised that Mumbai makes people ready to face the real world and teaches them how to follow their heart and make their dreams come true!

I’ve only seen how hard the life in Mumbai is and have experienced just a small part of it and I truly feel that every Mumbaikar is a superhero.

Hats off to them for being so energetic, happy and enthusiastic at the end of every exhausting day in their lives!

I guess this is why they say that if you survive in Mumbai, you can survive in any corner of the world!

– Shivanee



  1. Shivanee, it was good to know that you have learned from Mumbai local train. One thing I would like to add, even in the train, luck factor is there. If you are late any time and the train is also late.That time you are lucky enough to get the train. So is also life. Good observation. Keep writing. All the best.

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  2. Never thought so deep about local trains even while waiting for it at some station. Life is tough in mumbai agreed but you will never get a cake walk at delhi metro as well. A developing city is like a magnet, it creates opportunities for both skilled and unskilled. You need to stop cursing the city, government or ‘outsiders’ and move on.
    That’s Mumbai meri jaan!

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