Summer Nostalgia- Playlist


Hot, drowsy summer afternoons; all is silent and still, but for the quivering of sun-washed leaves, the buzzing of a lone bee and the muffled sounds of traffic from a distance. This is the dreamy picture of summer that comes into my head when I think of summer during other times of the year. (Do keep in mind that I think of summer the most when I have to study for my final examinations- hence the idealistic imagery) Summertime to me is also the time for fun, enjoyment and memories. I look back to all my summers with a tinge of nostalgia. With the current summer having set in, I have compiled a playlist of some of my favourite songs right now, which was actually very hard for me to cut down to just 10 songs. I feel that these songs reflect the spirit of summer. Hence, I have titled the playlist ‘Summer Nostalgia’.

  1. Traces of You- Anoushka Shankar ft. Norah Jones

This song is a beautiful amalgamation of Western and Indian music with a video that paints a picture of an Indian summer. It has soothing vocals by Norah Jones with melodic sitar instrumentals by Anoushka Shankar, alongside a tabla, glockenspiel, and guitar.

  1. A World Alone- Lorde

This is my favourite song by Lorde ever. It has dreamy vocals, choir background voices and the lyrics are simply beautiful as well as powerful. This song is all about doing whatever you like and not caring for what the world has to say about it.

You can listen to the song here.

  1. Taro- Alt – j

This song is actually about a love story between two combat photographers, both who died on the battlefield. While, lyrically this song is quite tragic, the instrumentals in this song are uplifting and more celebratory of the love that was shared among the two photographers than mourning their death. There is no official video for this song, but the video linked below shows the beautiful colours of different nations. This song is close to my heart for its breathtaking instrumentals and heartfelt lyrics.

  1. Adventure- madelyniris

I am so glad I discovered indie pop artist, madelyniris. This song is all about an adventure, which is a perfect track for chilled back summer road trips.

  1. Once in a Lifetime- One Direction

This song has a really beautiful chorus that goes ‘When I close my eyes/All the starts align/And you are by my side’ which is led by ex-member Zayn Malik. Ah the feels. (Please excuse the momentary fan-girl outburst)

  1. Gone, Gone, Gone- Philip Philips

Apart from the fact that this song was featured in the Amazing Spiderman 2 movie, I really really like this song. It has such a nice message compared to majority of the popular songs today.

  1. 9- Willow Smith ft. Sza

This is an R&B style, ambient song by Willow featuring artist, Sza. Soothing vocals backed by a lounge backing track- this song is a winner combination for me.

8. Millionaires- Script

This song is made by Script and it’s brilliant (obviously). Do have a listen. I really like the video and the lyrics. The band looks back to their youth and the great times they spent with their friends.  Although they weren’t rich at that time, they felt like they were millionaires in each other’s company.

  1. Strangers like me- Phil Collins

This song takes me way back. It’s from the animated Disney movie Tarzan and vocals are rendered by the brilliant Phil Collins. Nothing more to say about this song, it is just marvellous!

  1. No need to say goodbye- Regina Spektor

This song is from the movie The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, with writing and vocals by American singer-songwriter, Regina Spektor. This is my all-time favourite song.

Some other songs which I feel bad about not including in this playlist are: Am I wrong- Nico & Vinz, I see fire- Ed Sheeran, Youth- Daughter, Safe and sound- Taylor Swift, White teeth teens- Lorde.


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Thank you for reading this article. I would love to hear your feedback. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Summer Nostalgia- Playlist

  1. ‘Summer Nostalgia’ is such a cool name for a playlist! And although I’ve heard only a few songs from the list, I’ll be sure to check out the others! But u know what, a summer playlist always reminds me of Summer Love by One Direction… it’s a beautiful song. But great work on the playlist! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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